About District

Rewa is the city of Madhya Pradesh state of India. It is a major town located 131 miles south of Allahabad. The city produces a part of the Vindhya plateau of Madhya Pradesh province and is irrigated by Tons and its tributaries.

Uttar Pradesh state in its north, Satna in the west and Sidhi district in south and Mirzapur of uttarpradesh is in the east. Its area is 6240 square km. It was a big principality earlier. The inhabitants of the Gond and Kol people also live in the mountainous areas. In the district there is excess of forests, from which millions, wood and wild animals are received. White tiger breeds have been found in Rewa forests only. The main produce of the district is paddy.

The former Rewa kingdom was established in about 1400 AD by Baghel Rajputs. After the demolition of Bandhavgarh by Mughal Emperor Akbar, Rewa became important and in 1597 AD, it was elected as the capital of the former Rewa kingdom. The city was also the capital of the British Baghelkhand Agency.