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Govindgarh Palace And Lake
Govindgarh Palace and Lake
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Govindgarh, the summer capital of Mahraja Rewa, is about 18 km from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, India. The Rewa, with…

Old Fort of Rewa
Rewa Fort
Category Historic

It is the main tourist attractions in Rewa.Behind it there are two rivers which provide the scenic beauty to the…

Keoti_Fall Rewa
Keoti WaterFall
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

For a pleasant time with family and friends in Rewa, visit the Keoti Waterfall. It is the 24th highest waterfalls…

Chachai Waterfall
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Chachai falls are more than 130 meters in height and are situated on River Bihad, near Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. These…

Deur Kothar
Category Historic

This archaeological site has a great history to tell with the ancient Buddhist stupas that you will find here. Discovered…

Rani Talab
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Rani Talab is among the oldest water-wells of Rewa. The Rani Talab is situated in the southern part of the…

Bahuti WaterFall
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Bahuti is the highest waterfall in Madhya Pradesh. It is on the river Sellar as it rushes down the edge…

white_tiger safari and zoo
White Tiger Safari
Category Historic

The white tiger was caught by Maharaja Martand Singh on May 27, 1951 from Sidhi district’s Bargadi for-est area and…

Purwa_WaterFall Rewa
Purwa WaterFall
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

The Falls are 200 feet high (nearly 67 m) and present one heck of a robust view. The falls are…

Piyavan, Ghanouchi Dham
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Ghanouchi Dham where the mind becomes cheerful at a glance: Ghinouchi Dham, popularly known as Piavan. This incomparable historical, natural…