Betel Nut’s Toys

Handicraft Handloom

Rewa city of Madhya Pradesh is known for its bearded art. There are many types of toys made from the betel nut here. Supari has been used for worshiping and feeding for centuries. But hearing of the betel nut toys is surprising. In the Rivan city of Madhya Pradesh, some people of Kunder family have been proficient in the art of toys like the Suparis. Native foreign tourists are amazed to see the beautiful and adorable toys made of betel nut. If peeled peel to a small beetle and if made of a tablecloth or a Taj Mahal, then it will be a matter of actually pressing the fingers under the teeth. This handiwork of betel nut has been developed in the Kunder family which is the result of hard labor and continuous research. Earlier these families had the task of making wooden toys. Later on experimenting with the betel, these people started preparing the betel nut toys.