Aapki Sarkar Aapke dwar

01/08/2019 - 31/08/2019
Padri Gram Pachayat Rewa

Applications of the general public will be disposed of within the time limit – Collector
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To give benefit of the schemes of governance on the spot to the general public and to solve the problems of the people, your government was organized by your government at the door of the village panchayat in Sirmour development block of Rewa district. In this, 102 applications received from the general public were processed on the spot. A copy of the order was granted on the occasion of the pension of 6 eligible beneficiaries in the camp. The camp was inaugurated by Collector Omprakash Shrivastava. On this occasion, he said that according to the intention of the Chief Minister, it has been organized to resolve the problems of common people on the spot. In this camp, the concerned officers will take appropriate action by taking appropriate action in the time-limit on each application received from the public. Now the public will not have to wander to get information about government schemes and to take advantage of them. All the individual and group applications received in the camp will be disposed of appropriately.
The Collector said that the general public came forward to take advantage of the schemes of governance. Everyone will get the benefit of the schemes as per eligibility. All schools are being inspected by the inspection teams to improve the quality of education in the district. Teachers’ diary, lesson plans and homework given to children are also being monitored. All parents should contribute to increase the quality of education by attending the Parent Teacher Association meeting. Action is being taken on the careless principals and teachers. Teachers who do good work will be honored on Independence Day. The Collector said that the new system of distribution of food grains from the public distribution system has been implemented. With its implementation, ration card holders can get food grains from any fair price shop. The new system will be reviewed by e monitoring of food grains, distribution, opening of shops etc. The collector said that the issue of demarcation and sharing of land should be settled within the stipulated time frame. He instructed to demarcate the high school building complex in two days.aapki sarkar aapke dwar