Deur Kothar

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This archaeological site has a great history to tell with the ancient Buddhist stupas that you will find here. Discovered in the year 1982, these stupas are said to be about two thousand years old and belonging to the Ashoka’s reign. You will find three large stupas carved out of clay bricks and several small stupas out of 46 different stones.

Deur Kothar also has five thousand years old rocky caves which are definitely very intriguing in their appearance. As an attempt to spread Buddhism in the Vindhyan region during the period of Ashoka, the remains of Lord Buddha were distributed to create these stupas. Deur Kothar is an archaeological site among the prestigious Rewa tourist places where followers of Buddhism have build stupas after this site was found.

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  • Deur Kothar Buddhist Stupa
  • Deur Kothar Stupa
  • Deur Kothar

How to Reach:

By Road

Distance from Rewa Bus Stand: Approximately 64 KM.