Piyavan, Ghanouchi Dham

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Ghanouchi Dham where the mind becomes cheerful at a glance:

Ghinouchi Dham, popularly known as Piavan. This incomparable historical, natural and religious tourist place is in the Bardaha Valley of Sirmaur, 42 km from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. Amidst the unique landscape of nature, this Dham is surrounded by picturesque plains of nature 200 feet below the earth and about 800 feet wide. Here the white water of the natural water falls for 12 months continuously for Lord Bholenath. Which is exciting to watch.

The special thing here that makes it special is the confluence of two amazing waterfalls 200 feet below the earth. Which can be enjoyed between July to September. Along with this, there are also ancient rock paintings and ancient rock paintings carved in the hills here. Prehistoric rock paintings carved in the rocks, which also tell the glory story of the region. Two amazing spiral rocks are amazing in themselves. Apart from this, the divine divine statue of Maa Parvati is also present.

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